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My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan

Dec 25, 2014

What could be a better Christmas present than a podcast recorded over Easter? That's when Doug Pettibone, "The Man with the Golden Tone" who has traded licks with everyone from John Mayer to Lucinda Williams, joined host Jeremy Dylan to talk about Emmylou Harris's seminal 1995 album "Wrecking Ball'.

Along the way, they chat about Daniel Lanois' non-traditional guitar heroics, speculate about the one genre that Emmlyou isn't suited for, delve into the eclectic song choices that make up the album and examine how Emmlyou used the record to reinvent her whole career.My Favorite Album is a podcast unpacking the great works of pop music. Each episode features a different songwriter or musician discussing their favorite album of all time - their history with it, the making of the album, individual songs and the album’s influence on their own music.

Jeremy Dylan is a filmmaker from Sydney, Australia who has worked in the music industry since 2007. He directed the the feature music documentary Jim Lauderdale: The King of Broken Hearts (out now and featuring a cameo from Doug!) and the feature film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins, in addition to many commercials and music videos. If you’ve got any feedback or suggestions, drop us a line at