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My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan

Sep 30, 2017

We finally talk about Pearl Jam, as East Nashville's Lilly Hiatt joins me for a discussion of the record that solidified the band's legacy 'No Code'.


Sep 21, 2017

Sarah Lewitinn's career has taken from writer to manager to DJ, self-described 'queen of beneficient debauchery' and the once and future 'Ultragrrl'.

In a personal and emotionally honest conversation, Sarah makes the case for Interpol's 'Our Love to Admire' as the band's best album and the deep, slow-burning...

Sep 13, 2017

Morgan Nagler and Jake Bellows, the core of dream LA indie outfit Whispertown, on the inspiration of early 60s R'n'B pioneer Sugar Pie DeSanto.

My Favorite Album is a podcast on the impact great music has on our lives. Each episode features a guest on their favorite album of all time - why they love it, their history...

Sep 6, 2017

Aaron Lee Tasjan followed the classic well worn path to Americana stardom - starting 150 bands, playing guitar with the New York Dolls, sticking sequins onto his own suits and micro dosing for songwriting inspiration.

He joins me to talk about the album that taught him to play guitar - The Beatles...