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My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan

Jun 10, 2021

Today, Rock critic, author and podcaster Steven Hyden returns to the show to talk about his fantastic book on Radiohead’s 'Kid A' album, This Isn’t Happening (now available in paperback).
We talk about how Radiohead fans will always look for meaning in their lyrics despite Thom Yorke’s best efforts, the context of the early 21st century that the album existed in and how it seemingly presaged the cultural trends of the last 20 years, how the book forms part of a loose potential trilogy with Steven’s previous book Twilight of the Gods and whatever he might write next, whether Radiohead’s career is more like the Beatles or the Stones, the underrated importance of Ed O’Brien in the band, that it’s a miracle any bands stay together and if bands ever really break up in the modern age.