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My Favorite Album with Jeremy Dylan

Dec 28, 2017

Number 4 of our 5 most popular podcasts of 2017

Filmmaker (Rounders, Ocean’s 13, Solitary Man), showrunner (Billions) and podcaster (The Moment) Brian Koppelman returns for his fourth appearance on the show, to open up Bruce Springsteen’s devastating classic Nebraska (1982).

We talk about how Brian turned to the album during a period of personal pain as a young man, how the stories resonate in the age of Trump and point to some of the factors behind his election, the hope Springsteen finds amongst the devastation of his characters, how he stands as an aspiration and relatable figure to his audience, whether it’s a good idea to turn Bruce’s songs into movies and the empathy that is key to the Boss’s music.

My Favorite Album is a podcast on the impact great music has on our lives. Each episode features a guest on their favorite album of all time - why they love it, their history with the album and how it’s influenced them.

Jeremy Dylan is a filmmaker, journalist and photographer. He directed the the feature music documentary Jim Lauderdale: The King of Broken Hearts (out now!) and the film Benjamin Sniddlegrass and the Cauldron of Penguins.

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